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Work Your Money is a business focused podcast. Each episode touches on a different type of businesses, as well as, how to invest your money wisely. In addition we also discuss business, finance, real estate topics & related issues ranging from investing to current trends in the markets.

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Ms. Wong



Michelle is a Founding Member of The WYM Group, a Real Estate Investment & Development Firm. Michelle also hosts the “Work Your Money” Podcast. Tune in to the Work Your Money Podcast at

Ms. Wong is an Entrepreneur & Real Estate Professional & has been in the Real Estate Industry for the past 4 years. She is currently a Real Estate Sales Agent, working closely with clients in residential and commercial properties. She has worked with, as project manager for the NY/Tri-State Region.

Ms. Wong is currently with Gold Rock Realty in the NY, PA, CT, GA area working with both residential and commercial real estate.

Ms. Wong also invests for the past year and is part of an Investment Company. Currently she is working on wholesale deals in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Westchester. She is also working on other projects that are conversion and development sites in Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.

Ms. Wong also has 14 years of experience in Business Administration and Marketing. She has taken her skills in Business Administrations to run and operate The WYM Group and use her Networking Social Skills in Social Media to help navigate OneWill Properties LLC.

Ms. Wong founded and operates EvoMed Imaging Productions, a Media/TV/Film production company. It all in one full service company. The company specializes in commercial & promotional videos, screenwriting consultation, business start up consultation and TV/Film production.

Ms. Wong is President and Founder of We Rise to Inspire Organization & Events. She hosts annual Women’s empowerment events advocating important issues and topics that are relevant to all women.

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