Digital marketing is the process of promoting the sales of goods and services via digital technology such as the internet and digital billboards. The world has steadily moved to a digital age; statistics show that the average adult spends 27 hours a week on the internet and the average young adult spends one-third of the time they’re awake in a day on their mobile phones. This has greatly increased the need for digital marketing as a means to reach a wider audience in minimum time.

Before embarking on a search for a digital marketer, it would be useful to  know the specific skills to look out for in the digital marketer. A few of the mediums through which digital marketing is carried out includes;

  •    Search Engine Optimization.
  •    Social media marketing/promotion.
  •    Direct E-mail marketing.
  •    Pay per click advertising.
  •    Display Advertising.
  •    Content Marketing (Online Public Relations).

After due consideration of the different forms through which your product can be digitally marketed, finding a suitable digital marketer becomes the next step. As a result of the marked increase in internet use and digital marketing, a lot of young people have become quite good at digital marketing and are promoting themselves as such. However when trying to hire a good digital marketer, one should first consider the following factors concerning the product/service.

  •    Reasons for choosing digital marketing – This could be for brand awareness, generating website traffic, or sales increase.
  •    Budget – The money set aside for digital marketing should be considered as some digital marketers charge higher than others.
  •    Medium of digital marketing to be used – This will determine the skills to look out for in the digital marketer.

When all the above have been duly considered, searching for a suitable digital marketer can then begin. When trying to find a good digital marketer certain qualities should be looked out for in every candidate. Some of those qualities are;

  •    Creativity – Every good digital marketer possesses creativity. Hiring a creative digital marketer would ensure the product, brand or service is marketed uniquely to attract a wider audience.
  •    Business acumen – A digital marketer with business acumen would be a good asset to a brand as he/she would be able to spot profit-making opportunities to help the brand grow.
  •    Technologically Savvy – This goes without saying. We live in a world of constantly evolving technology, and a good digital marketer should be comfortable with most available technology and savvy enough to adapt to new ones.
  •    Enthusiasm – When hiring a digital marketer, one should look out for those with enthusiastic attitudes towards the job as enthusiasm would drive creativity.
  •    Good communication skills – A good digital marketer has excellent communication skills. When hiring one, emphasis should be placed on how well he/she can communicate as this would improve the marketing of the brand/product.

Finally, the experience is a key factor to look out for when hiring a digital marketer. How much work the candidate has done and the success rate of previous endeavors is an indicator of how good he/she would be at marketing your brand/product/service.