Podcast #9 Anton Glotser


I develop lucrative investment deals so that my partners and investors can earn safe and consistent profits.

I’ve worked in real estate since 2005. After more then a decade of experience in commercial and residential real-estate development, brokerage, acquisition and management, I have done millions of dollars in real-estate deals and have worked as a head of acquisition department for large multinational developers. Since 2014 I have switched from real estate to mortgage notes investing. Since 2015 when oil prices began to collapse I launched www.texasogm.coman oil & gas investment company, this to has done very well as were are still able to buy numerous undervalued deals. Since 2016 I have launched an online educational companywww.mmagap.com, which has now received over 2 million visitors. Also since 2016 Ive have also been involved in film production as a producer, which has done very well. 

Due to my business background, I occasionally consult private investors and companies on investment strategies in oil & gas, mortgage notes, technology and real estate industries. 

Languages: English, Russian, as well as working knowledge of Spanish 


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