Podcast #17 Michelle Gershfeld


Debt Settlement | Bankruptcy Attorney | Debt Reduction | Consumer Debt Relief

I’m a debt settlement and bankruptcy attorney who negotiates resolutions between clients and their creditors.

The challenge: Too many settlements negotiated by Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyers result in reduced payouts due to their clients outstanding debts.

How I help:

I turn debt relief into an additional revenue stream for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyers. Through analyzing the debt and then bargaining and negotiating with the creditors, I help your client significantly reduce their debt. Often while improving their credit.

Who wins:

➢ The client who is left with a larger portion of their lawsuit settlement that by reducing their debt to a fraction of the total originally owed.
➢ The lawyer who earns a referral fee and gains referrals from a satisfied client.

My 25+ years of bankruptcy and consumer debt experience provides my clients with strong analytical and negotiating skills.

I also am a personal finance coach who advises people who are in debt, or building wealth, by identifying and overcoming obstacles that lie in their path to securing worry-free, financial wellness.

Contact me at 914.815.3222 or mgershfeldlaw@gmail.com to discuss how these strategies can help you and your clients.


Debt Settlement | Bankruptcy Attorney | Consumer Debt Relief | Personal Financial Planning | Financial Advice | Money Management | Financial Strategist | Personal Finance | Consumer Credit Counseling | Debt Relief | Credit Card Management
(Air time 2/28/17)


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