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Work Your Money is a business focused podcast. Each episode touches on a different type of businesses, as well as, how to invest your money wisely. In addition we also discuss business, finance, real estate topics & related issues ranging from investing to current trends in the markets.

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Founded in 2011 and broadcasting 24/7 ever since, BBOX Radio delivers locally-sourced programming representing the best of New York City.

Ranging from interviews with Brooklyn’s movers and shakers to music shows spanning all genres, BBOX strives to give a voice to the communities within the borough.

Bbox Radio it is recorded live Saturdays 2:30-4:30pm EST

Visit us at Universe Network TV which airs on Channel 45, Realty TV Wednesdays @7pm EST

Nick Harris is a blue collar entrepreneur from Nebraska. Mr. Harris is a Jack of all trades with extensive background in corporate America. He worked his way up as a District Manager for a retail company. Nick is also a marketing/sales professional. He used his expertise and his experiences in his new path of mentoring entrepreneurs and individuals in Personal development. Along the way he has experienced life challenges which lead him into his journey to becoming a public speaker, an author and co hosting in various Social Media Shows.

Mr. Harris has used his platform in the public to advocate issues for individuals with addiction, divorce, and personal development. Currently, he will be speaking in various cities about his personal experiences and leading the example as a role model to other people that are faced with life challenges. He spends his time with his children and working on his Non Profit Organization he is developing.

Mr. Harris has a Facebook TV show called Nighttime studies with Nick, a personal development show. He discusses books he reads by chapter nightly and gives his insights with his audience.

Nick Harris recently became Managing Partner and COO of The WYM Group, as well as Co-Host of the Work Your Money Podcast.

I develop lucrative investment deals so that my partners and investors can earn safe and consistent profits.

I’ve worked in real estate since 2005. After more then a decade of experience in commercial and residential real-estate development, brokerage, acquisition and management, I have done millions of dollars in real-estate deals and have worked as a head of acquisition department for large multinational developers. Since 2014 I have switched from real estate to mortgage notes investing. Since 2015 when oil prices began to collapse I launched www.texasogm.coman oil & gas investment company, this to has done very well as were are still able to buy numerous undervalued deals. Since 2016 I have launched an online educational companywww.mmagap.com, which has now received over 2 million visitors. Also since 2016 Ive have also been involved in film production as a producer, which has done very well. 

Due to my business background, I occasionally consult private investors and companies on investment strategies in oil & gas, mortgage notes, technology and real estate industries. 

Languages: English, Russian, as well as working knowledge of Spanish 

Founder & Host of Will Weekly on youtube. A weekly show that discusses the latest in movies, entertainment and sports. He gives the inside scoop in the entertainment business, a jack of all trades in his expertise as an actor, writer, film director and producer. He has over 10 years experience in the entertainment business and with an education in film. He is very knowledgeable with the history of film making.

Leandra Wilkerson is an Actress, Model, Food Blogger, and Entrepreneur for Financial Literacy Awareness. She has a diverse background working in the corporate world as well as working for herself.

Leandra Wilkerson is teaching young men and women to start their own businesses and become more financially independent. Also in her spare time she volunteers for Meals on Wheels and the nonprofit organization Lantern.

Jeffrey Derose

Creative Director & Executive Producer
Rob Schulte is a podcast host, editor, and producer.
He has worked with Decider.comMike SacksCard Table TheaterA.D.D. Podcast,, Mr. Corpo and others.
Schulte has produced many different shows, including, Decider House Rules, Doin’ It with Mike SacksGFY with Max and Rob, and Good Time. When not producing, Schulte does stand up comedy. Rob is originally from Kansas City.

Mr. Renton is a Consultant for a Capital Raising & Consultancy Firm that provides services to Hedge Funds, PE Firms, Investors, Family Offices, & High Net Worth Individuals.

Mr. Renton is responsible for Business Development & Marketing as well as Operations, Regulatory Compliance, & Accounting.

Mr. Renton has also been actively involved in Real Estate Investing for the past 2 years.

Currently he is actively involved in real estate investments, international real estate marketing, & real estate crowdfunding.

When he is not sourcing alternative investment opportunities, he enjoys sports, music, & events. Feel free to reach out to him about technology and crowdfunding.

He is a member of several Hedge Fund & Real Estate Investment Organizations.

Mr. Morales has been investing in real estate for the past 4 years; he has wholesaled 4 properties over the last 3 years in the state of New York.

Mr. Morales also has worked with multiple owners who on occasion couldn’t sell their property in a timely manner by offering creative solutions to their problem.

Currently he is working on a couple of projects. He is aggressively working with other Builders and Developers for projects that are pending in the outer areas of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He also works with homebuyers for rent to own and buy and hold in the Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Virginia areas.

Member of Organizations:

Real Estate Investors Associations of NYC
BiggerPockets.com, Online Community
Carnegie Hall (Friend)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
United Nations Association of NYC