Podcast #26 Farrah Roxanne


Farrah Roxanne, a first generation American to Jamaica parents is the self-proclaimed, “Goddess Of Brooklyn.” Roxanne started doing radio in 2013 after answering an advertisement placed on Facebook, looking for a cohost to share the stage on a sex talk internet radio show. That stint was short lived, as Roxanne grew weary with the content and limitations, and this is how Roxanne Roxanne was birthed.

Roxanne has a show called “Roxanne Roxanne” which takes place every Saturdays 5-p.m. Her show is comprised of 4 segments (Roxanne’s Rant, Ask Roxy, Roxanity, and Roxanne’s Roundtable).

Roxanne Roxanne brings you latest in news information from around the world as well as informational conversations on a variety of subjects. With guests ranging from entertainers to political figures, health gurus, community activists and on and on, you never know what you’ll get from week to week, but it’s always just what you needed.

Not only does Roxanne host her own radio show, she has hosted countless events and is now the new owner/station manager of BBOX Radio where the focus is to “Fall In Love With Radio Again.”


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