Podcast #15 Daniella Fairbairn


Insanely Great Customer Service LLC

The Insanely Great Customer Service team has one mission only – to coach and fashion the fundamentals of quality, lucrative customer experiences. In the age of instant gratification, the personal touch can help your business breakthrough and break out. We craft customized seminars, coaching sessions and workshops on the lost art of customer service. After all, your business is a reflection of you. Why not optimize your human capital and invest in your team?

A few of our marquee Insanely Great workshops include:
• Mindset Shift – Positive affirmations lead to positive performance
• Know Your Role – Where do you belong?
• Customer Valuation – What’s the real ROI?

Take advantage of these and more in real time. Help us, help you be insanely great.

(Air time 2/14/17)


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