Podcast #8 Hugh Zaretsky


Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Educator, Mentor, Coach, Trainer, Hard Money Lender & Speaker

I am a “Recovering Corporate Executive,” who is a full time real estate investor, trainer, author, and public speaker.

While in Corporate America I had consulted for Fortune 500 companies and helped lead my teams to win CIO magazine’s Top 100 award. I successfully negotiated global technology deals with Dell and Microsoft to save the company over a million dollars per year. I also became an expert in acquisitions and shutdown.

Deciding to leave the corporate world in 2005, I launched my own real estate investing and consulting company, Royal Empire Ventures, Inc. I also enjoy helping people become financial free through investing in real estate. I do this by showing entrepreneurs how to “Fire Your Boss” and achieve financial freedom through real estate or owning their own business. I have trained over 1,000 professionals throughout the US. I have presented to & consulted for some of the top entrepreneurial companies. My mission is to help people fire their boss and have time and financial freedom and no longer have to rely on their jobs to take care of them. Especially, those who had no recourse should their job ever let them down.

Our real estate division continues to expand and now includes Asset Based loans. We acquired over 186 units during an 18 month period. We do everything from small little fix and flips to large bulk Real estate transactions. Our New York City Real Estate Investment office opened in 2011 & we have 30 locations across the US. We are looking for good people to help us grow our business and/or people that want to invest in real estate.

As a trained professional speaker and coach I have worked with major corporations and Wall Street analysts, as well as some of the top entrepreneurial companies including Get Motivated, the Growing Wealth Network and the Learning Annex. I was a featured author in an anthology with Jack Canfield and Les Brown entitled, The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose, which was released in October of 2009.

Specialties: Training, Negotiating contracts, Coaching, Consulting, DNA, Mergers and Acquisition, Leadership, Managing distributed teams, Nutrition, Project management, Managing SG&A and Capex budgets, Professional Speaker, Real Estate, 1031 exchange process, Foreclosure,Hard money loans, equity loans, asset based.


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